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We are a team of professionals
with backgrounds in engineering,
architecture and sustainability studies.
 working toward the common goal
of environmental sustainability. 

Green consulting and certification
advisory world wide service.
Hotels, Skyscrapers, Airports, office buildings, Residentials and more.

LEED in Israel
Environmental Design, is the most
widely used green building rating
system in the world.
LEED certification is a globally
recognized symbol of sustainability

Green Consulting 

Sustainability provides an unprecedented opportunity to increase profitability, drive innovation, increase efficiency, and attract and retain top talent. Turn good intention into profitable action while setting your business apart in the eyes of customers, prospects and employees. We help companies identify, anticipate, and integrate sustainability issues and solutions in ways that enhance their competitive advantage.

With decades of experience working inside and with governments, we help our clients build strategies and relationship to create value and solve problems. 

Greener is a professional services firm providing a broad range of consulting and project management services to solve complex environmental, health, and safety problems associated with air, water, land, and interior pollution.


Nature Concert Hall
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