The green neighborhood comes to examine the variety of environmental issues, but not only. It examines, apart from sustainability, the influence of the neighborhood on the natural ecosystem of the area, taking into account air quality, density, garbage disposal and the quality of life of residents of the neighborhood. It must examine the existence of parks, public gardens and even pools or streams that can have a tremendous positive impact on the values ​​of assets, their ability to save energy and improve the mental and physical health of residents. It must be ensured that the neighborhood is in harmony with the nature that exists in it and around it and that there is no heavy burden on the existing delicate ecosystem that will be created in and around the neighborhood. The goal is to create a multi-layered harmony between the person and his home, between his home and the overall set of buildings around him and of course between nature and man.

Greener is an international green building consulting  office certified by the Israel Standards Institute and the USA green building council for LEED.Provides green architecture services, green building accompaniment according to the requirements of the Standards Institute, and preparation of a booklet for the authorities to comply with green standards

A Professional Team

Greener's crew is comprised of professional architects and engineers that will provide project support for entire project’s life cycle - from concept, through design, to complete realization and operation, with high level of professionalism and embedding bio-climate principals.


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