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Building a better future

Sustainable architecture and green building Integrative and holistic planning process

Supporting projects with an emphasis on Eco friendly economy.


Planning and consulting green building and sustainable architecture while emphasizing the economical side of the project starting at the initial planning, through the construction process and until final occupancy. We are promoting efficient energy use, a sustainable and harmonious view, water economy and more. We meet the required building standards and understand the needs and wants of the entrepreneur, the architect and the planning crew.


Experts  Supporting Green Building Projects

Greener specializes in supporting and authorizing projects according to the international LEED certification, and sees these standards as a basis for "sustainable design". Greener provides a wide, green, economical and holistic perspective – beyond the framework of standardization.

  • Supporting and authorizing projects  sustainable construction and LEED certification.

  • Thermal report and functional examination.

  • Architect support for holistic and bio-climactic planning.

  • Efficient energy use, profitability and return on investment.

  • Analysis and simulations – shading, radiation and natural lighting. 


A Professional Team

Greener's crew is comprised of professional architects and engineers that will provide project support from start to finish, while embedding bio-climate principals. 

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