The Sun is an important element in designing buildings and structure designers can harness this source of energy while mitigating aggravating factors by Solar Shading Simulations. We provide solar powered applications for testing materials of solar collectors that call for different irradiation outputs. In these photovoltaic panels, maximum efficiency plays a very important role. Our proficient and expert professionals can provide solar powered services through photovoltaic modules and solar cells. 

Takes into account:

  • Site & building geographic position

  • Date & Time

  • Altitude 

  • Properties of fixtures (Doors, windows etc)

  • Shading 


  • To improve building’s functional aspects

  • Applicability of Sunlight as a source of lighting

  • Sustainable Sites - Heat island effect for roof & non-roof area

  • Energy & Atmosphere - Optimized Energy performance

  • Energy & Atmosphere - Onsite Renewable Energy

Sunlight is either encouraged or discouraged from penetrating into a building by utilizing shading devices, natural elements like green gardens, interior devices and technology. . Shading devices reduce HVAC loads and thus improve building energy performance.

A Professional Team

Greener's crew is comprised of professional architects and engineers that will provide project support for entire project’s life cycle - from concept, through design, to complete realization and operation, with high level of professionalism and embedding bio-climate principals.


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